Blog » Welcome Gill Banez – Senior Project Manager, Manor Lakes Project Team
June 2024 |

Welcome Gill Banez – Senior Project Manager, Manor Lakes Project Team

A civil engineer by trade, Gill began his career in a consultancy, servicing land subdivision clients before shifting his career to developments, working for Delfin Lendlease in Caroline Springs.

Since then, he's worked in numerous land development roles; his most recent was in land acquisition.

"It's nice to come back into something that was the essence of why I started my career: to build," says Gill.

Gill works closely with Barbara Oh, who was promoted to Project Director in July 2023.  

"My role supports Barb in all aspects of the project: through the delivery process, the day-to-day construction and everything else in between," Gill says. 

It's the variety of his role that Gill enjoys most.  

"One second I'm doing a desktop exercise, crunching numbers, and next I'm on-site at a construction meeting, and next I'm speaking to the sales team about what the market's responding to."  

Though it's well-known that Manor Lakes is spoiled with benefits, it's the community's events and amenities, including the parks, the cafes, and the walking trails that stand out to Gill. 

"Manor Lakes appeals to so many people," he says. 

"Dennis Family have got this willingness to cater to a broad cross-section of buyers: buyers with different budgets, who are ready to buy now, and who are ready to buy later versus buyers wanting to purchase just a block of land or buyers wanting to buy a house and land package." 

While boasting about Manor Lakes's incredible offerings, Gill mentioned that Manor Lakes Boulevard District Park is soon to open. The park will feature a playground, fitness equipment, a small running track, a netball court, and a basketball court. 

"I'm a massive basketball person, so I can see myself out there with a coffee, spending time with my kids," Gill says. 

When he's not hard at work, you can find Gill coaching his two sons in basketball. 

"My biggest challenge is keeping them off screens and iPads at the moment, so I do that by getting out on the weekends and playing basketball with them at every chance."