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September 2023 | Events & Local Area

Walking Trails To Explore

Manor Lakes is blessed with an abundance of walking tracks and parks within the estate, and with tracks to suit all ages and fitness levels, you are sure it find one that fits your lifestyle and fitness needs. Here are a few to get you started ranging from a low impact stroll to a little more challenging.


Lollipop Hill Reserve

This lovely short stroll of around ½ km around Lollipop Hill Reserve is perfect for young and old alike. The reserve, covering an impressive 1.14 hectares between Marmalade Road, Muscatell Crescent and Lollypop Creek, in Stage 175, is sure to impress everyone.

Start at the northern entry point to the reserve on Muscatell Crescent with its striking entry arbour nestled amongst flowering indigenous plantings, it is an idyllic place to gather and appreciate the reserve and the restored Lollypop Creek backdrop. A series of circulating paths within the area are highlighted by a meandering dry creek situated amongst native plants and trees.

Once you have explored the internal pathways, the kids will not want to miss exploring the playground nestled within this belt incorporating a basket swing, carousel, slide and sensory play panels, climbing ropes, platforms, a hydraulic DropZone elevator and a tube slide.

Head back to the perimeter before heading off to enjoy a leisurely stroll along Muscatell Crescent, where you can shoot some hoops at the basketball court before either, following the flat pathway to the end of Muscatell Crescent and back to the corner of the reserve for some extra steps, or simply round the corner of the reserve taking in the grassland kickabout area.

Follow the pathway and grassland area taking in the sights and sounds of Lollypop Creek all the way along to the corner of Butterscotch Esplanade and Marmalade Road, where you can have a second stop and rest at the playground, or take a rest or enjoy a picnic along the grassed and sitting area, before heading back to the arbour and completing the reserve circuit.



Wander the lake at Lakeside

For a low impact walk or stroll approximately 1.5km in distance, this route around the multi-million dollar wetlands in the Lakeside neighbourhood is perfect if you have little ones on foot or bikes/ scooters that need a nice flat, safe path. Plus, with no roads to cross, it’s a super safe and an easy route for any age.

Though this stroll is low impact, there is so much to see, do and observe around the perimeter of the lake, so you can take in as little or as much as you want, incorporating rest or food breaks along the way if needed. You could even take a picnic and enjoy that at the start or finish of your adventure.

Starting at the Reserve and Picnic Area off Manor Lakes Boulevard, along the eastern side of the lake, wander along the boardwalk taking in the beautiful vista of the lake. There are lots of kickabout spots to play or rest in if needed, or stop and take in the natural environment of the wetland area. Meander your way around to Manor Lakes’ Splash Park and viewing area, where you’ll find so much to see and do for all ages. Enjoy the viewing platforms or the interactive play stations, or take a rest before heading off to complete your journey back to where you started.

Manor Lakes Central / Linear Park

Start your 3 km round trip walking adventure at Manor Lakes Central Shopping Centre with a bite to eat or some refreshments at one of the many cafes to choose from. Whilst inside if you have some little ones they might enjoy a quick play on the playground before heading off to explore the area.

Make your way out onto Manor Lakes Boulevard and the short walk to the corner of Hindmarsh Drive, where you will cross over into Linear Park and follow the internal walking paths around the lake, taking in the panorama as you stroll across the bridge and make your way down to the playground.

Continue your walk past the soccer and kick about areas till you arrive at Bow Crescent where you will cross over and continue your journey around the perimeter till you reach the end of the reserve at Mokoan Close. Veer around to the right and follow the path to Silver Gum Street where you will follow the edge of the reserve till it takes you back up to Manor Lakes Boulevard. You can also take the internal paths if you prefer a shorter walk.

Once you arrive at Manor Lakes Boulevard turn left and walk to the corner of Armstrong Road. Cross over and follow the path along the reserve and past the station till you get to the path that will take you across to the back of Manor Lakes Central. Here you can enjoy a break outside with some refreshments, or enjoy the outdoor playground and the rock climbing wall with the kids before heading home.