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January 2024 | Design Inspiration

Top Interior Trends for a Vibrant Summer

Summer is here along with the latest interior design trends.  The following trends have a big emphasis on colour as we particularly allow warmer and brighter colours into our homes as the weather warms up.   The following trends of Calm, Clay, Palm Springs and Stripes are our top picks for your home interior and alfresco this Summer season, as we start to entertain, celebrate and enjoy the outdoors.

The Calm trend, is not completely new, and has been quietly brewing as part of a post pandemic craze, perhaps becoming more noticeable now as its ripple effect occurs increasingly in more home interiors.  The Calm trend emerges as a soothing antidote to the chaos of the post-pandemic world. This trend seeks to restore balance and tranquillity to our living spaces, using a number of key design elements to create this.

The colour palette is dominated by Pale Blue, complemented by varying shades of teal, white, cream, and taupe, with accents of deep rust, burgundy, orange, yellow or even cobalt blue to add pops of colour.  To sustain a timeless element, keep your walls white or off white, and add the feature colour of pale blue in through freestanding furnishings such as couches, occasional chairs, drapery, cushions and throws.  Alternatively, embrace this trend to its fullest by painting your walls pale blue, using a blue wall tile, or selecting a laminate or preferred 2pac colour for your cabinetry.

Pair this calming colour tone with finishes such as light-coloured timber, white or grey stone, terrazzo and concrete.  Hardware in matt white, polished chrome or brushed brass will coordinate well for a classic yet contrasting look.  For more of a summer feel, integrate rattan and jute, allowing the warmth of these natural materials to stand out against the coolness of the pale blue.

The Calm trends sees silhouettes characterised by curves, rounded edges, clean lines, and streamlined designs, fitting seamlessly into styles like minimalism, modern, coastal, and traditional.

Now let’s look to a complimentary design trend, with the trend Clay.  The warmth of clay colour tones can equally complement or enhance a calm space as well as being used completely independently.

Inspired by the Dulux 2024 colour forecast, and confirmed with Pantone recently announcing Peach Fuzz as the Pantone 2024 colour of the year, the Clay trend extends the influence of natural and neutral tones in interior design. This trend builds upon multi-tonal layers of warm textures and tones, creating a complete and inviting living space.  With the feature colour being Clay, it can be accompanied by similar shades such as apricot, dusty pink, taupe, beige, cream, and burgundy for a bit more of a contrast.

Aligning with styles including minimalism and modernism, this trend doesn’t simply use colour as a driving factor, but also natural clay-like materials such as terracotta tiles, rendered walls, natural stone, polished concrete and terrazzo.  It honours materials from the earth, and aims to connect people to earth and nature through its integration into homes.  Continue to pair with other earthy toned materials such as warm timbers, dull ages brass and brushed brass for a touch of elegance.

If you’re looking to update your space with this trend in a non-permanent fashion, try introducing it through accessories; starting with clay coloured pots and vases, styled in clusters of varying hues.  You can also update your bed linen, blankets, cushions and floor rugs.  When using the colour clay in your interior, ensure your wall colour is a warmer tone, as it typically doesn’t coordinate as well with cool greys.

If you’re wanting to embrace this trend a little more permanently, try painting a wall in clay, tiling your bathroom, selecting the colour for cabinetry, and even using a paler tone of clay or peach in your window furnishings.

In contrast, the Palm Springs trend takes us outdoors, offering a fresh perspective and seamless extension of the 70’s aesthetic that is also currently trending for interiors; A minimalist, effortless look that translates to modern gardens and alfresco spaces. With bright white as a base, this trend is characterised by using pops of colour as focal points throughout the outdoor space.  Colours including yellow, pink, coral, orange, and lime green are the key hues that have been dominating the Palm Springs trend ever since it emerged out of the Californian desert.  Pick one or two of these colours as your theme and begin to use it as a pop of colour in items such as painted breezeblocks, outdoor furniture, cushions, and pots.

Landscape design is key in the Palm Springs trend.  This garden style was primarily designed to survive the conditions of the harsh desert, resulting in a convenient yet affordable low maintenance garden style, with succulents, palms and cacti as the predominant plant choices.  Additional outdoor finishes nodding to the Palm Springs trend include patterned tiles, concrete, terrazzo, crazy pavers, pebbles and the iconic breeze block.

When it comes to furnishing your outdoor space, choose functional items that withstand weather conditions but also suit the style of your space.  You can style your outdoor living space just like your interiors space with couches, dining table and chairs, outdoor rugs, coffee tables and cushions.  Enhance further by potted plants, and pendant lighting if you have an undercover area.  Select weather resistant fabrics, steering towards bright accent colours, stripe or bold geometric patterns.

The great thing about this trend is that it not only can embrace mid-century modern to its full extent, but can also encompass minimalism, modern and coastal with slight tweaks to the styling.

Lastly, the Stripe trend redefines its classic look.  Not only is it associated with nautical or coastal aesthetics, now it’s part of the maximalism trend.  Stripes have become more popular in home furnishings including couches, occasional chairs and even window furnishings.

For a more timeless look, opt for classic colourways of red, blue and black teamed with white stripes in varying widths from thin stripes to bolder stripes for greater impact.  If daring to go more colourful, try stripe combinations with more contrast, such as apricot & lime, cobalt & terracotta, maroon & camel.

It can be difficult to integrate stripes into your home, so try these key tips in achieving the stripe trend.  If you’re starting with the minimum, experiment with stripes in accessories such as vases, cushions or a floor rug.  For a more permanent look, wallpaper a feature wall or room, selecting thinner stripes for a more subdued look, or thicker stripes for a bold statement.  Orientate your stripes vertically give the illusion of higher ceilings, or make them horizontal or diagonal if desiring them as more of a feature.  Make sure you balance out bold stripes with solid surface fixed or free-standing furniture.  When having a large area of stripes, hanging artwork in more of a solid yet bright colour can really finish the space off well.  A couch or occasional chair is another way to introduce stripes into your home, paired with plain cushions in a solid colour or luxe texture like velvet.

The Stripe trend can pair with many hardware types such as dull aged brass, matt white and polished chrome, varying in styles from modern, traditional, eclectic, maximalist, coastal and Hamptons.

So, as you get inspired with your interior and exterior this season, look to these trends to bring a burst of colour to your home.  From soothing calming trends to bright and fresh, use this time to add character and style to your space and enjoy the Summer season of celebrating and entertaining.