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January 2024 |

Stay fit with Kayaking and Paddle Boarding!

Kayaking and paddle boarding are both great ways to keep fit this summer. And the City of Wyndham is blessed with plenty of great spots you can explore with either.

Riverbend Historical Park, Werribee River

Here you’ll find a sign-posted launch just off the trail near the car park, plus barbecues and picnic tables. The Diversion Weir, 300m to your left (west) blocks access in that direction, so head east (right) instead where you can paddle for up to 4km before returning to the Park.

Werribee South Boat Ramp & Jetty. Werribee River & Port Phillip Bay

At Werribee South, you can launch from the shallow boat ramp on the far right, or from the beach areas next to the jetty. From here you can paddle in the open water east towards Wyndham Harbour and Point Cook, or west towards Point Wilson. Or you can also enter the mouth of the river and paddle upstream along Werribee River for tranquil river views, before journeying back to the Bay.

For a longer, more challenging paddle from the river mouth, travel 5.5kms upstream along Werribee River as far as K Road and past Werribee Park Golf Club before the route is blocked.

Safety Tips

Werribee South Foreshore area includes a swimming beach and is a popular for fishing and boating. So take care on the water, especially when launching near the boat ramp.

Be aware of any recent rainfall, submerged rocks and limbs from the River Red Gums – always paddle in the middle of the River.

Check on local conditions including weather, recent rainfall, water temperature, currents, wind, EPA Beach reports and boating rules beforehand.

Carry a phone, wear a life jacket, kayak or paddle with others and let someone on land know where you’re going and how long you expect to be.

Joining a paddle board or kayaking club is also a great way to meet new people and explore new areas together.