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October 2021 | Events & Local Area

Spooktacular Treasure Hunt Riddles

Come one, come all and listen to my rhyme,

There's hidden treasure for you to find,

It's lurking in shadows and hidden behind,

Some wonderful places where you reside,

So grab your phone and let's go for a ride,

Our Spooky Treasure Hunt begins tonight!

Riddle 1

Walk with care along the boulevard, starting with the letter 'D' east of the lake, for I'm sneaky and fast and bring bad luck if you cross my path.

Riddle 2

Look out below as I soar above in the twilight sky. My friends and family are a scary sight. Stay beneath the shelter that looks over the lake, for I might fly down for a tasty small bite.

Riddle 3

With mighty strength and a fiery roar, you keep using that elliptical and doing those rows, but unlike the movie, you'll never learn to train me.

Riddle 4

We’ll help you buy your plot of land but beware of the ghostly figures that might live inside.

Riddle 5

You can look over the lake and the houses beyond, but beware if you look in the splashes below, for you might see the shape of my spooky resting place.

Riddle 6

It’s a lovely walk along a boardwalk so new, where the ducks enjoy swimming and sometimes a swan. But beware if you look too closely at the reeds, for I might pop up and gobble you for tea.

Riddle 7

If you go down to the duck playground, you’re in for a scary surprise. For there amongst the fun and the games is a rattle of bones to scare you today.

Riddle 8

Toil and trouble a witches brew is bubbling with frogs and toads and slimy green gnomes. I’ll meet you along Holyoake, where the ponds are now open, and we’ll cast many spells that can’t be broken.

Riddle 9

Lollipop Hill sounds so sweet, and the flying fox is such a thrill, sliding is fun, and the swings are too but look around for that strange-looking mummy.

Riddle 10

I’m round, and I’m orange with a toothy mouth grin, and I’m hanging out at the new playground in Lollipop Hill.

Solve the riddles, go to the locations and watch the signs come to life…. You will need to download the ARLOOPA app and scan the images.  Once you’ve solved the riddles upload here