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November 2023 | Events & Local Area

Have you heard about Snap Send Solve?

They help to keep shared spaces safe, clean and great to be in.

If you've spotted damage or something that needs fixing within your neighbourhood, you can alert local 'solvers' by using the Snap Send Solve app and website. Solvers include local councils, water authorities, power companies, government organisations, telcos, universities, and much more!

Across Australia and New Zealand, their free app and website make it easy to notify the right people about issues that need a little attention. And then makes it even easier 
for them to get right down to Solving.

From fixing swings and moving branches to mapping flood zones and the tiniest of street libraries, with your help, they are always in the know.

Grafiti, potholes, overgrown vegetation and abandoned shopping trolleys - they do it all! Snap Send Solve Bettering shared spaces.

Have you found something that needs fixing?

Report issues affecting your community  to local councils, utilities and more. From getting potholes filled to encouraging better parking, send a Snap in under 30 seconds.