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April 2024 | Design Inspiration

Five questions to ask before buying a heating and cooling system

Whether you’re replacing your current heating and cooling system, or purchasing one for the first time, there are a few things to consider.

How big is your home? Consider the size, space and layout of your house to determine the type of system that will perform most effectively. Split system units will suit apartments, while a multi system is better for small houses. Or if you have a large home, a ducted air conditioning system may be the best option.

What is your lifestyle? Think about your lifestyle and how you use the space in your home. This will help determine what types of specific functions you might require. Consider buying a system that features a programmable timer which you can schedule to turn on before you wake up in the morning, and again before you get home in the evening.

Are you renovating? Whether you’re giving your home a fresh new coat of paint or embarking on a full-blown renovation, it’s a good idea to think about your heating and cooling needs from the outset of the project. Only trained and licensed refrigeration technicians can remove or relocate an existing air conditioner, so book in the right experts for the job. If you’re wanting to utilise more smart technology throughout the home, it’s also a good time to consider Wi-Fi options available.

What’s your budget? Installing air conditioning and heating in your home is an investment. So, a bit of research goes a long way to ensure you’re able to meet your needs. After you’ve found a system that works within your budget, consider the costs involved with installation. Shop around and compare quotes to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Location of outdoor units? Make sure the location of the outdoor part of the unit is somewhere it will not receive too much direct sunlight. A north or a south-facing wall is best but it’s a good idea to observe how the sun strikes your house during summer️ to ascertain the best spot.