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March 2020 | Events & Local Area

Easter is prime DIY time!

Easter is a wonderful time to relax, refresh and spend extended time with family and friends… and get creative

For those of us who love nothing more than grabbing a glue stick and some shiny paper, or, better still, heating up a vat of melted chocolate and pouring our own eggs, Easter is prime DIY time.

With Google on hand, there are plenty of fabulous (and cheap) ideas. Here are a few of our favourites to get you started. You might even like to invite the kids to get in on the action…

Decorate your own eggs

Whether they be chocolate or freshly laid, eggs are synonymous with Easter.

Egg-shaped chocolate moulds are relatively inexpensive and deliciously fun. Grab a bag each of white, milk and dark chocolate buds and a bundle of different flayoured essences and allow your culinary freedom to run wild creating your own delicious fondant fillings and designs.

Trying to cut down on the sugar but not the fun? Decorated hard-boiled eggs look gorgeous and can be enjoyed without melting on a sunny Easter picnic. Simply Combine 20 drops of food colouring, 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 1/2 cup of boiling water in a small bowl and use a spoon to submerge and remove your boiled egg from the solution when it has attained the desired colour.

Cascarones are an exuberantly Mexican way of using your egg shells (cracked to remove the top of the shell only). Carefully wash, then paint, dye or decorate the shells and allow to dry fully. Fill the shells with colourful paper confetti and use a small piece of tissue paper to seal the egg. Then share the excitement of cracking the ‘eggs’ on each other’s heads!

Make an Easter basket

An Easter basket is a must-have for anyone eagerly anticipating a visit from the Easter Bunny. Try stapling a sturdy handle onto an icecream container or plastic garden pot and decorate the container with textas, stickers and washi tape – don’t forget to label it clearly with your name!

Stitch a mini Easter tote bag using colourful recycled fabric.

Find an old woven basket and decorate with silk flowers, ribbons and bows.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Decorate an Easter bonnet

What is an Easter bonnet? In keeping with the Easter spirit of renewal, decorating a fancy new Easter bonnet or hat was once a popular tradition that we think is well worth reviving.

Got a cap or headband? How about attaching some big white carboard bunny ears?

How about a wide brimmed straw hat? If you haven’t, your local op-shop is a good place to find one. Festoon it with flowers and leaves. You can show off blooms from your own garden or make some cheerful paper flowers (Easter egg wrappers also make beautiful flowers).

Enjoy your DIY fun!