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Easter Egg Hunt 2023

Join the Manor Lakes team for our annual Easter Egg Hunt!

We have Easter Egg Hunts for all ages, coffee and hot cross buns and a special guest that we're sure you'll want a photo with.

Date: Sunday 9th April, 2023 

Time: 9.30am - 1.00pm

Location: Lollipop Hill Playground, Spearmint Boulevard, Manor Lakes

This is a free ticketed event. Tickets will be available Friday 24th March at 8.30am via Eventbrite.

Easter Egg Hunt Times

9:30am Easter Egg Hunt Wristband | Bag Collection

10am Event Opens

10:30am - 1-3 yo + 1 Adult

11:00am - 4 - 6 yo Easter Egg Hunt

11:30am - 7 - 9 yo Easter Egg Hunt

12:00pm - 10 - 17 yo Eatser Egg Hunt

12:30pm - Adult Easter Egg Hunt

1:00pm Event Close

This event is open to all Manor Lakes residents, families and friends. So, make sure you mark your diary now and we’ll look forward to seeing you there!