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April 2021 | Design Inspiration

Cottagecore: the quaint trend

Cottagecore is set to become the in interior design in 2021.

It is a design trend that mixes traditional, classical, farmhouse and eclectic design elements into one oh so chic style!

Cottagecore can be easily recognisable for its love of wild flora and fauna and embracing the simpler life.  It is also about comfort and cosiness. When thinking about adding elements into your home consider adding, slipcovers to couches, vintage inspired rugs, and textural elements such as velvet cushions or beautifully made woollen throws.

Layering with natural materials is also a key to encapsulating this style. Consider timber pieces in a neutral tone or woven jute and wicker pieces to bring that down to earth feeling. And of course, you cannot forget to bring the outdoors indoors with plants, that bring an essential bit of nature to the space.

And with Cottagecore, the foliage displays can be large displays of wildflowers or long-lasting preserved flowers featured on sideboard or dining table with an intricate lace tablecloth underneath.