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June 2024 | Design Inspiration

Bring some winter cosiness into your home

As we head into the coldest part of the year it makes sense to add a few winter warmer design features to your space. The good news? You don't need to break the bank. Just few small tweaks can add up to create a big impact, so you can enjoy a cosy vibe in your living areas during the colder months.

Extra Pillows. It’s amazing how adding some seasonal cushions and throws in rich winter tones and tactile fabrics can transform your space into a winter haven. Choose organic and natural fabrics like wool to give a lovely cosy vibe or select velvets for a richer more glamorous feel. If you really want to play up the cosy factor, opt for cushions that have a fluffy or fuzzy finish.

Layer Soft Furnishings. Another great way to quickly add warmth to your space is add lots of comforting layers to your rooms. Chunky wool or cashmere throws over beds not only provide real warmth, but the idea of warmth too when you might need it. Or pop a thick, woven blanket over the arm of your sofa and under your new pillows to make the couch your new favourite place to snuggle up. Opt for textured fabrics in warm, earthy tones for maximum impact.

Soft Lighting. The lighting within your space can have a significant impact on the vibe within your room. Low level table lamps and floor lamps, ideally dimmable, scattered around will create a warm inviting space. Fabric shades on the lamps will also create a snug feel. Warmer toned light bulbs are also great for creating a cosy ambience.

Light some Candles. Along similar lines, candles dotted around, especially for evening dining, will also add warmth to a space through both their flame and their scent.

Roll out a Rug. Finally, if you hate stepping out of bed onto a cold floor in the morning but don’t have underfloor heating installed, add a rug next to your bed to instantly solve your problem. Rugs in your living spaces can also help make them feel warmer and more comfortable year-round.