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June 2024 |

Bring Birds into Your Backyard this Winter

In winter, natural food sources for birds become scarce. Cold temperatures and frozen soil make it difficult for birds to find insects, seeds, and berries, which are essential components of their diet.

Help them out this winter by placing a bird feeder in your backyard to keep them topped up with nutrient dense foods through the winter months. It is also a great way to bring many beautiful bird species into your back yard.

Birds are most likely to eat where they feel safe from predators, including free-roaming cats and dogs. Place feeders at a good height where domestic animals can’t reach, and make sure it is an open space so birds can clearly see any dangers around them. It is also handy to place feeders within a close range to an evergreen tree or bush so that the birds can quickly fly to safe cover.

Although seed mixes are common, you can attract many different species by putting out a variety of edible things: nuts, berries, chopped fruit, and even frozen peas and corn all work. Things such as cereals and muesli bars are also a god option, as well as honey and sugar. Try to avoid bread, as this does not have any nutritional value for birds.

It's also important to view your feeder as a snack, rather than a meal for birds. Don't worry if birds only stick around for a wee while, as they won't need a lot to feel full.

When looking for a bird feeder, there are many different options that you can go with. If you don't want to purchase anything too fancy, a simple piece of wood to make a platform will work fine!