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February 2024 | Design Inspiration

7 Ways to Design a Low-Maintenance Garden

There are several ways you can set up your garden to spend less time weeding, mowing and mulching, and more time enjoying the space itself.

Outdoor living areas.

Extend your living space and options for entertaining in warm weather with outdoor dining areas around fire pits. Patios, decks and terraces all cut down on planting space and the size of lawns to maintain. 

Lose the lawn or reduce its size.

Having fewer grassy areas to care for means less time mowing, fertilising, weeding and reseeding.

Choose plants for your climate.

If you don’t have the time for pruning, skip climbing roses, ficus or wisteria, which can easily get out of hand without proper maintenance. Instead, choose plants that naturally grow in your area that need little care to thrive.

Swap flower borders for shrubs.

Seasonal flower beds are maintenance heavy. While you may not want to get rid of them entirely, consider replacing some of the planting space with easy-care shrubs.

Simple water feature.

Maintaining large water features can be a lot of work – messy and unpleasant. For the benefits of adding a water element to your landscape without the hassle, choose a simple design that’s easy to clean. For example, consider filling a stone basin with water and watching the birds enjoy a drink, or invest in a simple recirculating fountain for the relaxing sound of water.

Choose perennials for colour.

Ditch the annuals and turn to hardy perennials for colour year after year. Stalwarts like English lavender and Euphorbia bloom for months and need only an annual trim to keep from getting too woody. 

Spread mulch on beds.

Mulch is one of the best garden maintenance timesavers. It suppresses weed growth, cuts down on water loss, and breaks down to help improve soil texture. Plus, spreading a few bags of wood chip or bark mulch over planting beds instantly gives your garden a well-maintained look with minimal effort.