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June 2024 | Design Inspiration

3 DIY projects to tackle over the long weekend!

Paint a room. For a quick paint job, focus on a small, contained space and buddy up so you’ll get the job done twice as fast. For a standard bedroom, you’ll need up to 4 litres of paint with a low-sheen, low-odour and low-VOC formulation. Plus, sugar soap (to prep walls), paint brushes, rollers and an extension pole. Clean walls and fill any holes. Apply masking tape around skirting boards, ceilings, and door frames for protection. Begin by painting with a brush around edges and corners that are too tight for rollers. Before fully dry, use rollers to fill in walls in a “V” shape pattern, using the extension pole to help. Apply a second coat after two hours and remove your tape within half an hour of your last coat for a crisp edge.

Replace cabinetry handles. Installing a new set of hardware for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is a classic low-effort, high-impact home improvement job you can perform in a few hours. When updating your handles, similar-sized replacements that use existing screw holes are best. Remove old handles with a drill or screwdriver. Once you’ve checked that your new handles align with existing holes, simply screw them in.

Refresh and reseal your deck. With regular maintenance resealing a deck is a simple process anyone can do, requiring just a thorough clean and yearly re-oil. Apply deck cleaning product with a stiff-bristled brush, scrub the deck thoroughly, leave for 20 minutes and rinse off with a hose. Use a woodcare brush to apply the first coat of stain to the edges and along the gaps between boards. Allow it to dry fully before applying two coats of decking oil to the entire upper surface of the boards.