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Stage 196C Release Process and Terms & Conditions

Manor Lakes Stage 196C Land Release

Initial Terms and Conditions and Release Process

Manor Lakes Stage 196C Land will be available from Saturday 26th March 2022 (Release). Stage 196C features 9 lots ranging from 179m2 – 221m2.

First come first served rule applies. Lot choice is strictly limited to one (1) per customer unless agreed to by the Developer.


  1. Unless the Developer determines otherwise, the Stage 196C Release is limited to 1 (one) lot sale per customer. The full name on your registered ticket must be the same as the full name of the purchaser on your unconditional contract. Proof of ID and registration ticket will be required at your allocated contract signing appointment time. For the avoidance of doubt, contracts will only be issued to person(s) named on the registered ticket.
  2. On Saturday 26th March 2022 you will have the opportunity to select your lot and pay your $3,000 deposit.
  3. No overnight car parking or camping permitted at the Office or within Manor Lakes estate.
  4. To secure a lot, Customers must present evidence of photo identification and pay an initial deposit of $3,000 (Initial Deposit) at their Release appointment. Payments can be made via EFT, cheque or credit card (Note: credit card will incur a 1.5% surcharge but American Express will incur a 2.75% surcharge). If payment is to be made by cheque, the cheque must be made out to HWL Ebsworth Lawyers Law Practice Trust Account. No cash payments will be accepted. Account: 313 396
  5. At the Release appointment, the first customer will have the first choice of lot and after that, each customer will be sequentially permitted into the Office to choose their lot. Please note that appointments held prior to yours may result in your preferred lot being allocated to another purchaser. In this instance, you should be prepared to make an alternative lot selection.
  6. Initial Deposits are due for payment at the time of the Release appointment. Please ensure you reference your lot number when depositing via EFT to ensure payment is located in the trust account.
  7. Failure to make timely payment of the Initial Deposit will result in the customer losing eligibility to be part of the Release and their chosen lot will be forfeited to the another prospective customer.
  8. Customers will be provided a link to the digital versions of the:
    1. E-Contract of Sale;
    2. Plan of Subdivision;
    3. Engineering plans;
    4. Design and Siting Guidelines; and
    5. Stage Release Brochure.
    6. Expression of Interest Form (which must be filled out and returned to the Manor Lakes sales team prior to the appointment); and
    7. E-Contract Purchaser Guide (see Annexure A).
  9. All customers should seek independent professional advice, including legal and financial advice, about their purchase prior to signing the Contract of Sale. Customers will need to provide full details of their legal advisor or conveyancer for contract preparation purposes.
  10. Customers will be required to enter into an unconditional E-Contract of Sale (i.e. not “subject to finance”) unless agreed to by the Developer, in the exact name as is provided in their proof of photo identification. Customers will have the ability to add an additional name at contract signing however, the Customer’s own name must be one of the names included in the Contract of Sale. Please refer to the E-Contract Purchaser Guide attached for detailed information.
  11. If prospective customers intend to purchase as a company or trust, they will need to seek prior approval and must contact the Manor Lakes sales team prior to the Release. Prospective purchasers will be required to provide supporting legal documentation relating to the company or trust entity. If prospective customers are using a proxy/power of attorney, they will be required to seek prior approval and must contact the Manor Lakes sales team prior to the Release with a copy of the power of attorney.
  12. If the prospective customer is a company that has obtained prior approval (refer point 11) to sign the E-Contract of Sale, then each of the directors of the company must bring their passport or Australian Driver's licence to the Release appointment. The same applies to trustee customers that have obtained prior approval (refer point 11) to sign the E-Contract of Sale.
  13. Bank guarantees and deposit bonds will not be accepted.
  14. All nominations of an additional or substitute transferee in the contact of sale must first be approved by the Developer, which is at their sole discretion. The Developer is not obliged to approve a nomination. Registrants will be required to provide additional information (including confirmation of all nominees having received Foreign Investment Review Board approval for the purchase) on all nominations & seek legal advice, as specified in the Contract of Sale.
  15. Prospective customers who require Foreign Investment Review Board approval must notify the Manor Lakes sales team prior to the Release date.
  16. Once you have paid your Initial Deposit, our sales consultants will book a signing appointment, within 7 days for you to sign your unconditional Contract of Sale and pay the balance of your 10% deposit.  Should you fail to sign your unconditional Contract of Sale and pay the balance of your 10% deposit within 7 days of your appointment may result in the lot being released back to the market without further notice. 
  17. Should any cancellations occur resulting in a lot becoming available, the next person in the queue will be given the opportunity to secure an appointment in respect of that lot, (provided they have not already secured another lot). 
  18. The Developer reserves the right to refuse anyone access to the Office and carpark at any point and for any reason throughout the duration of the Release.

*Please note that Manor Lakes Sales Staff will NOT accept pre-drawn bank cheques on the day unless the drawn bank cheque amount totals to the balance of 10% of Your signed unconditional contract value.


The Developer and Project Manager for the Manor Lakes estate is DFC (Project Management) Pty Ltd. The Developer reserves the right to vary, replace or terminate these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice. Participation in the Release and payment of the Holding Deposit and Initial Deposit do not guarantee any purchase rights until a contract of sale has been fully executed by the buyer and Developer. The Manor Lakes name and logo are registered trade marks used under license © 2022.