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Referral Terms and Conditions

1. The offer is only available to you if you have purchased property at the Manor Lakes residential estate under an executed unconditional contract of sale with cooling off period expired. It is not available to staff of Manor Lakes or its related entities. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.


2. The contracted purchaser (“Referrer”) may introduce as many family and friends (“Buyer”) as they choose to buy land at Manor Lakes from DFC (Project Management) Pty Ltd (“Company”).


3. The Buyer must pay a deposit and enter into a contract with the Company or its nominee to buy land at Manor Lakes before 31 December 2017, and complete land settlement under the terms of the contract by the date agreed.


4. To be eligible for this offer, the Referrer must be the first person to submit the Buyer’s name and the Buyer must not, at the time the initial deposit is paid, be (a) an existing contracted purchaser or
(b) already on the Company’s customer/purchaser database. For the avoidance of doubt, this offer is not available on re-sale transactions where the vendor is a third party unrelated to the Company – the offer is only available in respect of land purchased from the Company or its nominee.


5. Both the Referrer and the Buyer must complete and sign the voucher. The original signed and completed voucher must be provided to the Manor Lakes sales consultants before or at the time the Buyer pays their initial deposit on the land. No referral vouchers will be recognised if produced after the initial land deposit has been paid. The Company reserves its right to reject voucher forms that are incomplete, illegible and/or not signed by both Referrer and Buyer.


6. Only one name can be specified and only one referral payment will be made in respect of each allotment purchased by the Buyer.  If either the Referrer or the Buyer nominates another party on their respective contract of sale after the cooling off period, neither the Referrer nor Buyer will be eligible for the referral payment.


7.The cheques ($1000 for the Referrer and $1000 for the Buyer) will be mailed to the Referrer and Buyer within 4 weeks of the settlement of the land contract.  Should either party default on settlement they will not be entitled to their $1,000 referral payment.


8. By submitting the voucher form, the Referrer and Buyer (i) consent to the Company contacting them regarding future promotions and marketing carried out by the Company or its related entities; and (ii) acknowledge and agree that the Company holds all personal information in accordance with its privacy policy available at


DFC (Project Management) Pty Ltd is the project manager for the Manor Lakes estate ABN 83 161 448 139.  “Manor Lakes” is a registered trade mark used under licence. @2017