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Blog » Summer Awareness at Manor Lakes - Be Ready, Be Prepared
November 2019 | Events & Local Area

Summer Awareness at Manor Lakes - Be Ready, Be Prepared

As the weather warms up, it’s important that we all prepare our homes for the unfortunate event of a bushfire. Simple things you can do around your home include, tidy up the garden, keep your lawns low, remove any excess rubbish, clear out gutters and have a hose that can reach all around the home. Click here to make sure home is “fire ready”. The Fire Ready Kit is a detailed and comprehensive resource. It is designed to help you plan for survival, beginning with the basics of preparing before the fire season, through to planning what to do if fire is in your area and you cannot leave. It’s also recommended that all Victorians download the VicEmergency App for access to community information and warnings for all types of emergencies in Victoria.  

Stay safe and enjoy this summer.